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Laboratory equipment

Specialized equipment, instrumentation and blowers serving research

Laboratory instruments

Food analysis, microbiology, distillers thermal baths, chemical baths ...

Food Analysis

HACCP certification, CAR testing, analysis of wine, milk, oil

Quartz Processing

Quartz articles and accessories for high-temperature processing.

Teaching tools

Microscopes, chemicals, burettes, cheap thermometers

Hygiene and Safety

Work safety and material storage products

Online chemical glassware

Clear or brown laboratory glassware and fittings for mounting complex systems

Measuring instruments

pHmeters, Thermometers, Oximeters, and everything you need to measure values

Environmental Analysis

Analysis of soil, waste, fumes, air, water for ecosystem analysis


Disposable materials for the study of organisms not visible to the naked eye

Laboratory glassware

In the laboratory glassware sector, Colaver offers the best items from all brands and manufactures and modifies glassware to design.

To purchase chemical glassware Colaver offers advice on the products best suited to the researcher's needs.

Specialist support and advice

It is not always easy to choose the right instrument for laboratory needs. Our experts have been helping and advising professors from many universities and researchers from many companies to realize their projects for more than 30 years.


Laboratory equipment

Specialized equipment, instrumentation and blowers serving research

Blow molding for work also in quartz glass

Custom-designed glass and quartz fixtures

Specialized glassworks serving research in laboratory glassmaking and quartz glass processing. Colaver is equipped with a workshop where young blowers have already gained several years of experience in processing even quartz slabs. Many standard jobs are carried out on a daily basis, such as grafting of fittings, bending of pipes, grafting of pipes for jacketed containers, etc. But custom work is also carried out on drawings requested by the most qualified industrial laboratories or the most experienced university professors for their research.

Blow molding for custom scientific glassware

Custom glass and quartz machining for custom fixture applications

digital pH meters

Certified measuring instruments:pHmeters, Hygrometers, Thermometers

pH meters and measuring instruments

pHmeters, Hygrometers, Thermometers

The most commonly used measuring instruments in the laboratory are those for measuring temperature, humidity and pH of substances. Colaver's experts devote time and energy to staying up-to-date with the latest news from companies that design and manufacture thermometers, hygrometers and phmeters so that they can offer you the right measuring instruments for your needs. So quietly ask Colaver about the characteristics of the probe or the resolution of the measurement scale. You will get all the information you need.

Safety in the laboratory

Laboratory safety and storage items

Colaver is a reseller of the best companies that make laboratory and workplace safety products. Laboratory furniture must comply with safety regulations, especially if it is to contain flammable or potentially harmful materials. We can help you ensure maximum job security at low cost. We will also be able to provide all accident prevention clothing to prevent environmental, bactereological, chemical poisoning.

Safety cabinets

Safety and security products in the laboratory and storage of hazardous materials

Sampling pipettes

Instruments for assaying and sampling liquids for laboratory analysis

Laboratory pipettes

Assay and sampling instruments

Sampling liquids that need to be analyzed is one of the most frequent operations in the laboratory. The assay is the key part of the preparation of the substance to be analyzed-the so-called sample preparation. Accuracy and consistent repeatability of sampling determine the quality of the instrument, most often referred to as a pipette. There are many types of laboratory pipettes for sampling, but at Colaver you will always find someone who can answer your questions and provide you with the right material for your analysis.